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Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is a process through which non-baptized individuals and those from another Christian faith tradition become Roman Catholics.  The process at Saint Andrew begins when you make contact with us of your desire.  We have a sit down conversation with you and then assign you a mentor who will journey with you along the path to become Catholic.

We welcome adults and family members (over 7 years of age) to begin the process anytime. There is a formal period of instruction leading to the evening before Easter when you would be formally welcomed into the Catholic Church as you are baptized and receive additional sacraments.  There is a separate program for adults (those over 18) and children (7 – 17) that run concurrently.


Please contact Deacon Kevin Bagley at kbagley@standrewcc.org or Ms. Michele Salcedo at msalcedo@standrewcc.org. Either can be reached at the Saint Andrew Pastoral Center at 817 927-5383.


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